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3 Great Reasons Why a Workout Buddy Works

3 Great Reasons Why a Workout Buddy Works

With the New Year upon us, so many of us have the intention to get healthier, exercise more and eat better. Sometimes those intentions are easier said than done. The main reason this happens is motivation or lack thereof. This is why a workout buddy works. When you have a workout buddy you are more likely to be motivated to start that workout program that you sat intentions for. How many years have gone by with setting these goals for yourself and tend to always fall short? Or have you ever said “Starting Monday I’m going to exercise and eat better.” How many Mondays have gone by without follow through? Many of us find it hard to stay motivated. We know we need to but, we put it off for tomorrow, next week or even next year. Not only do we lack motivation but it’s hard to hold yourself accountable.

1.Motivation and Accountability

No matter how motivated you may seem come Monday morning there is going to come a day when your alarm goes off and you hit the snooze button. When you have a workout buddy you know that they are counting on you. You are more likely to show up than if you didn’t have someone holding you accountable. There are going to also be those days when you just feel like you can’t make it through the workout. When you have a buddy with you it helps you workout harder and makes the workout more fun.

2.Social Aspect

Loneliness is harmful to our well being. Have you ever heard of someone dying of a broken heart? Psychologists find that human beings have a fundamental need for inclusion in group life and for close relationships. We are truly social animals. When our need for social relationships are not met, the feelings of loneliness tear away at our emotional and physical well-being. Over time excess amount of the stress hormone increases our blood pressure and take a toll on our memory. As human beings, we need a sense of belonging. The sense of belonging is the building blocks of the many friendships we develop in our life. When we connect with friends or in small groups it allows us to have therapeutic interactions. It gives us the opportunity to discuss our spouses, work issues, or children.

3. Healthy Date

So many people think of going out for drinks and appetizers to connect or get caught up with a friend. Those dates often pack on the calories that make us derail our healthy intentions. Barre class is the new Bar. Joining a workout class like Barre is a much healthier way to connect with people. You can still go out for coffee or a glass of wine afterward and not feel guilty about the calories. Having moderation in our life and making small changes can lead to a healthier year for you.

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